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Sean O'Reilly Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 1.8
Usually, the viruses and other malware can do harm to your computer by "infiltrating" into running system processes. Applications like Security Task Manager offer an effective way of discovering the threats from system processes list.

Security Task Manager isn’t exactly a substitute for the standard Windows Task Manager, but it can be used as an additional tool.
This program identifies all the processes that are running in your system, then gathers and displays detailed information (including the text in file) about each of them.

Security Task Manager is designed to help you find the processes that may be infected with various malware. In order to do that, the application displays a rating for each entry (processes with a higher risk of infection will have a higher rating) and comments from the members of the community. What’s even better is that the program automatically sorts the list of processes based on their rating and even uses a color code to depict the threat level.

A thing that I really like about this program is that it gives you all the tools you need to ensure that the application you are concerned about is indeed infected. The right-click menu of Security Task will help you check your files on VirusTotal and Google any entry to find other opinions.

Another big plus for Security Task Manager is its ability to stop and quarantine any of your processes. Whenever you find an entry that endangers your computer, you can instantly take an action and stop it from causing any more harm. Furthermore, you can even uninstall the source program of any process, directly from the interface of the application.

Security Task Manager is a good tool to have, as it will surely come in handy more than once. Even though the program is not completely reliable, because processes with high ratings may, very well, be clean, the information that it offers can still be very useful, so it’s worth its price.


  • Helps you check your programs for viruses using the VirusTotal online scanning service.
  • Provides community threat level ratings and comments for each process.
  • It lets you quarantine your processes.
  • Displays detailed information about each process.


  • The program has a high-margin of error. Processes with high-ratings may be completely clean.

What's new in version 1.8

- support for Windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit)
- inactive Windows services are hidden

Publisher's description

Security Task Manager is a PC program that offers an advanced alternative to the Windows Task Manager, as well as an added suite of security functions. For basic, day-to-day process management, Windows Task Manager does a passable job. However, it only gives you surface-level access to process information. Windows Task Manager does not include the same amount of data and available actions as Security Task Manager. In addition to the usual data- process name, memory and CPU usage statistics, etc. - Security Task Manager offers additional information, such as process file location, company certification, process type, and process behavior.

Security Task Manager also offers detailed information on whether or not the process is visible, and its Windows system file status. Security Task Manager is capable of measuring a process's capability of manipulating or controlling other programs and processes on your computer. Although an individual process may be benign, this can offer greater knowledge of the current condition of your system. You can also control the private data that is stored on your computer by using the included Protector software, which removes traces of program usage and Internet activity from your computer.

Security Task Manager also features a unique security rating system. Many anti-malware programs rely on either security certificates, or profiles of existing, known viruses. Security Task Manager does allow you to search both the Internet and a known database of existing viruses, but also features a security rating system that relies on analysis of the process's code, as well as its general behavior. Based on this data, Security Task Manager displays a security risk rating, based on which you can take whatever action you deem appropriate. You can also list your current processes in order of security risk rating, in order to determine where a particular process falls on the spectrum.

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